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Veterans K9 Solutions Inc Veterans K9 Solutions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Augusta, Georgia dedicated to rescuing dogs and helping disabled veterans, giving back to those in need by saving two lives at a time.

ATTENTION!!! There will be NO TRAINING tonight, Tuesday, May 3rd, due to the weather. Everyone be safe and we'll see you next week.

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Mission Statement

Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. is an organization bringing canine and veterans together with the simple goal; rehabilitate a canine to rehabilitate a veteran.

Today, there are more and more veterans in need of help from emotional to physical disabilities. These veterans can range from any age and can be of any gender. Additionally, there are more than hundreds of dogs in shelters waiting and hoping for the chance to be rescued.

The unique concept of Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. is by saving a shelter dog you can save a veteran. Saving a shelter dog and rehabilitating them provides them with a purpose, gives life back to them and enables them to provide an emotional and physical bond with the veteran in need.

Our love for dogs and gratitude towards those whom served makes our goal simple;
"Giving back to those in need by saving two lives at a time".

Service dogs - The Americans with Disabilities Act

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA has passed, and it rose the level of acceptance of the use of service dogs in public places. The ADA implies that all public places have access to people with disabilities, including those people who use service dogs. This gives people with service dogs the same access to public places as people who have wheelchairs.

Even though many restaurants and hotels have signs that allow only guide dogs into their establishment, the Americans with Disabilities Act actually covers all service dogs. This would include dogs who help people with areas of mobility, hearing, seizure detection and mental illness support. Under the ADA, service dog users are not required to carry registration papers for their dogs as service dogs, and the dogs do not have to wear vests. Nevertheless, most service dog users usually carry papers and an outfit for their dog in vests or collars indicating the dog's work.

Besides the accessibility, regular laws also apply to service dogs-same as regular dogs, they have to be on a leash, they must be cleaned up after and they can't be aggressive to other dogs or people.

Thank you to our Sponsors, Rescues
and Everyone who has Veterans K9 Solutions possible:


Care More Animal Hospital - (706)650-1839

Grovetown Animal Clinic - 706-863-8830
Dr. Dirk P. Motzkus


Dog Networking Agents of Georgia

CSRA Paws for Freedom

Ruff Rescues, Inc.


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Veterans K9 Solutions Inc. "Giving back to needy shelter dogs and showing our gratitude to the Veterans who have served by saving two lives at a time"